Sunday, September 30, 2007

stunted growth and fanfare

I guess I don't really need to stunt our boy's growth, but slowing it down a little might be nice for Mommy. Another tooth appeared yesterday, and he is trying to crawl. He's trying hard, and getting better at it all the time. I believe that one of these days, I'll put him down to play with his toys, turn around for a moment and he'll be off! He's grown up enough now to sit up in the cart like a big boy in the store (I highly recommend those cart and highchair cushions you can get), and this morning at out to breakfast, he sat up in the high chair, too. He gets so excited - you can see that he's proud of himself. He sat there and played with toys as though he'd always been doing it. I suppose that's the way progress is in so many ways.

I remember waking up on my 30th birthday (I'm really only 29, but I pretend to know about such things) thinking, "that's it?" No fanfare, no confetti falling from the ceiling, just another day. I had the same experience when I bought my house as a single girl, which seemed like a big accomplishment to me. I went the the title company, I signed a bunch of papers, they handed me keys, and that was it. I even did it on New Year's Eve, and still nothing. No party hats even, or kazoos.

Now my son is on the same track - all of a sudden, he's doing something new, and it's as though it's always been that way. He smiles a little and sits up straighter so that I can see that he's proud, but that's it. He's eating food, he sits up, he has teeth -what will be next? I try to make as much fanfare as possible, just so he'll know I haven't missed something important. I give a bunch of "Yeahs" with singing and mighty clapping. He really likes clapping. I'm sure that as he gets older I'll be the embarrassing mom that he wishes would be quiet and stop with the fanfare, but that's not in me, I think. Too bad!

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