Thursday, October 28, 2010

Steel trap

The kid doesn't forget anything. We were in Chicago over Labor Day weekend, and he must've noticed the skyline. This week we carpooled with Daddy because his Jeep was in the shop. Looking up at Daddy's tall building through the sunroof, he said, "Wow! That building is very, very tall. It's almost like Chicago!"

Last week he was talking about his love of strawberries and generally all things pink. I asked him if he wanted to have a strawberry cake for his birthday next year, and he said he did. Then he said, "BB likes pink strawberry cake, but Uncle Brett likes cheesecake." That doesn't sound like much, but what it means is that he remembers the desserts my siblings had for their birthday dinner, which was in April, seven months ago.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Thought it was just a legend, but it's real

Aidan lives in a very black and white world, which is hilarious at times, especially during Funk Breaks (see earlier post). For Aidan, though, whatever dance we first do for a particular song is what you must always do for that song (black and white world).

At our house "All the Single Ladies" (a Beyonce song - he learned it at school, believe it or not) is called by its name, but Michael Jackson's "Shake your Body (Down to the Ground)" is called The Pointing Song because we did a pointing-type groovy dance to it the first time; other songs have similar titles. MJ's "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough," it turns out, is the Batman hula dance. Go ahead - try to picture that. I dare ya. It involves Aidan's wearing his Batman mask/cape that he's going to wear for Halloween, and then running through the house (so his cape flies up in the air), hands on hips and moving his hips in circles as he runs. It's maybe the funniest/best dance EVER.

I have to get video of it, because he'll never believe when he's older that he came up with this when he was little! What an awesome kid.

Most delusional?

Saturday was Aidan's first soccer experience. Coach Sam started out the class by going around and asking everyone's names. They all had name stickers already, but I think he was trying to get them comfortable interacting with him. Aidan's back was to me, so I couldn't hear him, but I could hear the Coach - this is what I got: What's your name? Jane? That's a nice name. What's your name? Phillip? Nice to meet you. What's your name? Nora? Glad to have you on the team. What's your name? Gee, I don't see a Batman here on my list. Could you be listed here under something else?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

should I get the frequent buyer card?

We were at a sporting goods store this evening, and that's not a place I frequent. However, we needed shin guards and soccer socks for a certain someone. He's very excited, and luckily, soccer's not a very expensive sport to undertake, especially for a three-year-old.

As I was checking out, the cashier asked me if I had a frequent buyer card, and I said that I didn't have one because I don't do a lot of sports-like things. I got to thinking that probably I'll be needing more and more sports paraphenalia here soon. I may become a frequent buyer. Oh dear. The boy may soon figure out how unprepared I am (literally, not figuratively) for the world of sports. Piano lessons? Got you covered! Theater or choir? Ready to help! Language? Sure. Sports? I've got nothing. Been flying under the radar with that to date, but for how much longer?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

as one battle ends,

My son eats maybe two foods, and to get him to eat anything else is a struggle at best. Used to be able to count on mac & cheese, but now he won't eat it and cheese is out altogether. He'll eat breakfast foods, but at other times of the day, about all you can get down him peaceably is fruit, maybe a veggie if he's in a good mood, yogurt, plain hamburger ketchup only, corndog (but maybe not the hot dog inside), and maybe some nuggets.

We've tried about everything, and it's clear that we've erred in waiting 3 1/2 years to try and get him to eat the same thing we do. I see the error of my ways, but it seems too late. We now are trying something new in which he gets a small serving of what we eat and must have some of that before he can have what he'd like to have. It's kind of working except that it takes about an hour and a half for dinner. By the time I'm finished beg, borrow and stealing to get him to try something (not liver and onions or something - last night it was homemade spaghetti sauce), I've about had it. I keep thinking it has to get easier, though.

At my biggest client, several people have kids about Aidan's age. It appears that none of them eats without coersion, which is a little bit comforting. However, I'll feel much better when this stage passes.

no, not Lightyear

Aidan's hair twirling has finally gotten to the point that we fear his hair may not grow back. He's always done it, but it seems that his thin area's getting bigger and bigger lately. We've tried other routes, from talking to him about pulling his hair and pulling it out to wearing a cap to bed to try and keep him from pulling it. Conceptually he's with us, but the habit's been too hard for him to break, not to mention the times that he's told me he's very sneaky and puts his fingers under the cap to pull his hair.

Fear of lifelong baldness in a very odd pattern, namely most of the front of his head, has caused us to take action. Thursday we took him to Cookie Cutters and got him a buzz cut. I was worried that I'd be upset, but honestly, once I got over how big the actual thin spot was, he looks adorable. His eyes look huge. Well, they are huge, but it really shows with short hair.

He's told me several times that he needs to keep ("peek") trying to pull his hair, but he can't because it's short. He likes it; we talked it up and he agrees that he looks cool. He doesn't want it to grow back long, which is good. One fewer epic battle, that. I'm hopeful that it'll start growing back in noticeably (or unnoticeably, depending on how you look at it) by Christmastime. It could happen.

Funk Break

Funk Breaks are from college. Every Sunday night, from 10:2o to 11:00, we'd gather in a house and two guys would spin records (probably actual vinyl records, in fact, at least in part). We'd dance our patoots off and relieve a little tension from the week. We'd then be ready either to sleep really well for the week ahead or, more probably in my case, get to really studying for all of the work I had procrastinated that was due the next day.

Funk Break has expanded to my living room. I've finally joined the iTune generation, and have been very much enjoying downloading some of my favorite songs. Aidan and I put on some oldies but goodies and dance our patoots off before bedtime, getting ready to crash for the evening. Aidan's dances are pretty awesome - many involve lots of hip action, some have pointing, some have locked hands. It makes me so happy to hear him singing Michael Jackson circa Off the Wall or Shake Your Booty. I'm not sure how long it will be until such songs are very uncool, not to mention Funk Breaks not being cool, but I'll take it for as long as I can.

soccer mom

It's official. Aidan starts soccer lessons in a couple of weeks. I'm a soccer mom, but am pretty excited about it. He's very excited to be playing soccer with his friend Nora. I'm excited that he's excited and also that there's a class at a time we can go this fall.

Continuing swim lessons. After one and a half introductory Red Cross set of lessons and five (yes, five) sessions of beginning lessons at a swim facility, he has graduated to Level II. Here he'll be in Addison's class, which is also very exciting. Steven asked whether this means that if he fell into the pool he'd be able to swim back to the side to safety. Um, no. Not at all. But it does mean that he'll put his head in the water without a battle of wills, which is a great first step to not panicking should such a fall occur. I think we're on the right road.

from the ride home tonight

"Look, Mommy! The sun's going down and it doesn't bother my eyes. The moon ("meoooom") will be out soon. It will not bother my eyes because it is sooo beautiful. Also, it is not a ball of fire. The moon is a rock."