Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aidan reads to Audrey

Sometimes the cutest things happen when I'm not around.

Aidan went to Grammie & Poppie's house, and Audrey was there too. He insisted on reading to her before he went to bed, and apparently was very detailed. He read every page of several books to her (in his own way), explaining as he went. He'd read it, then hold it up in the air and say, "Look up here, Audrey!" She needed the whole experience. My understanding is that he was extremely loving, sprinkling kisses on her head as he went. Yummy boy.

Finally able to post!

For weeks I've been trying to post and unable (the one from July 8 was actually only posted today - could only get as far as a title since then). I finally looked it up in help and realized that I'm not alone. The problem is widespread, which makes me feel a little better but doesn't help me. Luckily, one solution was to go back to the "classic" editor (in the settings it lets you choose new or old - funny that the help chooses to call it classic).

'Bout time!

Gems of late

"Aidan, it's our friend Lori's birthday tomorrow." "Lori? She's juicy!" (What do you mean by juicy, Aidan? Juicy like apple juice. She was very happy to hear that she's juicy, though.)

(to the bank teller) "Wow! Look at your package! It's green like the green goblin!" (I believe he meant necktie, as the gentleman's necktie was, in fact, green. I think he's been trying to figure out what a package is, because he also told me on the way home that he hurt his finger on his package, when he meant something in or around his carseat. Things with straps or that tie, maybe?)

(on wearing some of Diego's hand-me-down jammies) "Oh, Golly! It was so, so nice of Diego to give me these racecar jammies!"

"Daddy married Amber. Mommy married Steve. (with gread sadness,) I am not married."

Thursday, July 8, 2010


So, a week to the day after the pirate incident, the director of the daycare was waiting for me at the door when I arrived (never a good sign). She said, "I swear, he wasn't crying until he knew you were here."

Walked over to see him, and he was just in pieces. I look, and he's got an icepack held to his head. His teacher, Cheryl, told me that he'd fallen and was crying, and she asked him right away where he hit, and he pointed to the same eye. By the time she could get a look at it, it was swollen again. Went down faster the second time, thankfully. I'm also thankful that the second one was at school. I'm wondering whether they'd have been concerned about me had it happened at home again.

Since then it's happened one other time, but the swelling only lasted a couple of hours. I'm hopeful that we're finished with that now.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

He actually does hear me

My boy's in an extra dorable phase of expression lately.  Some recent quotes:

"Mommy come here.  Mommy!  I need to tell you something."  I lift him up, he leans into my ear and whispers, "I love you."

"Mommy, you're my friend.  I think you're my best friend.  You're my best friend and Daddy."

"Mommy, you love me in the whole world."  (I'm guessing from "We love you more than anything in the world," or "You're my favorite boy in the whole world.") 

"Aidan, why do I love you so much?"  (Whispering, he replies) "Forever."

He hears me.

"I look like a pirate!"

This morning my beautiful boy had a fight with the tub and lost.  When we left for school this morning it was pretty swolen and he was not a happy boy:
(He normally doesn't get a bink except at night when he grinds his teeth, but as my sis said earlier, he probably could've gotten a puppy today if he'd asked.)

By the time I picked him up tonight, it was even more swollen, though obviously much perkier:

We got home, and he saw a mirror.  I was afraid he might be startled, but he thought it was cool, hence the quote.  It's now 12 hours past the incident, and he looks much better - you can see maybe half his eye.  I realize that this is a tiny injury in the light of eternity, but ugh.  Won't our July 4th pictures be adorable this year?