Saturday, November 29, 2008

There is a good kind of tired,

and this is it. I got to swim today, and it felt positively yummy. I never thought I'd wax poetic about the opportunity to do a workout, but boy, was that nice. I've been riding a (rather sad) exercise bike that we've got in our basement, so I've felt good for the last few weeks that at least I'm doing something active. Honestly, it's the first I've really done since Aidan's been born, other than running around at the park and such. I know it's about time, but better sometime than never, right? It was a real treat to do something different, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy swimming. I like the peace of swooshing through the water. I'm not a very good swimmer; I don't let that bother me, though. Slow and steady, slow and steady. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Boy, am I ever

Here I sit, watching my son play in our warm, comfy house. Our Daddy/Hubby is off at the gym, and when he gets back, we get to spend the whole day with family, and then still have a long weekend together to boot. We have all we need; we never have to worry about where our next meal's coming from or whether Aidan will be cold in the night. Aidan is beautiful, healthy, and about perfect, as far as I can tell, and I'm happy to say that a good portion of that comes from his dad. I am truly blessed.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am not a teenager

and yet, I just stood in line to get the autograph of the second-yummiest man on the planet (my husband is first, of course). Harry Connick, Jr. I don't care how dorky that makes me - the man can play most instruments, tap dance, sing, and act, is funny and adorable in most ways that I can tell - without actually knowing him, that is. I started having a crush on him while I was in college, which wasn't yesterday. He's gracious enough to come outside in the cold after a concert and sign autographs just to be nice. Kudos.

Like most celebrities seem to be, he's shorter than I thought, but that's okay. He can wail on piano (I once saw him tap dance a drum solo on one, but today he was just playing it). He can make that piano sing, and bring a tear to your eye.

My hubby, a very good man, is aware of my crush and okay with it. I called to tell him I was waiting for an autograph - he asked me if it was just me or lots of people (lots - including my sis and her husband). I asked him what he thought, and he said he thought I was a little nuts, but "more power to me." See - my hubby really is the yummiest.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

what I didn't expect Aidan's eye doctor to say

"His hair will likely get darker, though not as dark as yours." Something about the pigment in his retina, though whatever it is is somehow balanced by how dark his irises are. Honest.

I'm impressed that he was able to assess so much of Aidan's perfection from the little examination and no feedback he was able to get from a 20-month old boy. He didn't inherit my far-sightedness; he has a slight astigmatism, though that's common for his age, and he'll grow out of it. Here was a surprise - "good" vision for a little guy Aidan's age is 20/60, not 20/20. That's why toddlers are always getting so close to things - it's the only way they can see them clearly. Who knew?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

At some point, will I stop being surprised?

The latest surprise for me came Friday night. We were watching Happy Feet (beware spoiler), and at a point where the baby penguin was in mortal peril and very frightened, Aidan melted down. He didn't melt down during the attack, he melted down after it, when the little penguin was hiding and collecting himself. Sadly, I had underestimated Aidan to think he wouldn't get the nuance. I'm guessing I won't stop underestimating him, but I hope that I will. I prefer to think of it as being surprised.

There's a museum near us that focuses just on little fellas - those under 5 or so. We went Saturday morning with some friends, and it was a huge, huge hit! They have a water table with flowing water, sprinklers, and PVC pipe that they can build with, several musical instruments, a theater complete with costumes, places to climb, train tables, legos, sand, building and such. It's a wonderland! We'll definitely be going back there during the winter when it's harder to get out. If anyone has other ideas about great places to go with a little guy during the winter, please let me know. My short list has the library and a rec center on it. I'm still new at this.