Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's all coming together

Yesterday, Aidan and I had to drop something off for Daddy on our way to school/work. At a stoplight as we got close to his office, I turned around and told Aidan, "We're gonna go see Daddy!" Of course, he got all excited. Then he looked out the window, saw a black SUV very much like Daddy's, and started pointing excitedly toward it. He knows Daddy's car!

This morning, as Daddy was leaving, Aidan did his usual "Hi" with wave. Daddy looked at him and told him, "Daddy's leaving now, so we say Bye Bye." Aidan replied, "Bye" with wave. It was actually his second Bye, but this one was obvious and verifiable.

In the car on the way home tonight, we were playing "What do you see?" I see a tree, I see a car. As I was pointing, he started to point and make "eh, eh" sounds, which are the sounds he makes to let me know he's signing something to me, like "more" at dinnertime. I pointed to the sky, and he said "kye, kye" about 5 times. We said it back and forth. I realized then that he knew I was telling him the words. We tried others, but kye was the clearest.

Aidan likes to play with keys. On his was into the house after work Daddy was holding Aidan, who started reaching for his keys. Daddy said, "Do you want the keys?" Aidan said, "key, key."

It's beginning!!! In the forseeable future, I will be having conversations with my son. He will be able to express himself even better than he does now. I realize that this is only the beginning. He's not consistent yet, and we've got a long way to go, but it's really beginning! I'm even more excited about this than about the sandbox, and that's saying something.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Can it be a visionquest if it's in search of a sandbox?

It sounds easy enough - the boy must have a sandbox! Shouldn't every store carry sandboxes and be as excited as I am about ensuring that the boy gets one, and speedy fast-like? Um - sadly, no. This was a two-day venture.

I loved my sandbox when I was a kid. My dad built it (as he did most things), and it was perfect! We - I and all the neighborhood kids I grew up with in Chicago - played in it for years and years. I've been determined that Aidan would have one, too. Saturday morning, as soon as the stores opened, he and I started our quest. We went to store #1, we found LOTS of perfect sandbox and pool (we're getting a membership to the community pool this summer!) toys, and we had to get most of them. We found a giant bouncy ball. Not one sandbox. Well, there was one, but it was outrageously priced. No fear - we had several other options. By the time we had exhausted those, however, it was lunchtime. Nobody likes a hungry Aidan, though to be fair he gets it from me - nobody likes a hungry Mommy, either. Thwarted!

Sunday morning I started out alone, no less determined. I had searched online and found what I was looking for - a selection of about five different sandboxes! I got to Store #5, where I never go, and it was humongous. Ginormous! Searched and searched for a sandbox, an associate, really anything that would help me in my quest to no avail. I did get sent back and forth from end to end of the store a couple of times, though, which was great.

Finally, the in garden section I found a very helpful gentleman. He told me that "almost no one works here on the weekends anymore." Why would a ginormous retail store scale back its staff on weekends when more customers are there? I don't know. Anyway, just as he and I both were about to give up, I spotted the one sandbox they had left. One type, one sandbox. No problem - one's all I needed! Loaded up a more sand than a gal should have to haul around on a ridiculously hot day, and back home to put it all together.

Luckily, realizing the quest was very easy once all the pieces were in place. No assembly needed, just a little more hauling around of sand on the same ridiculously hot day. Got the whole thing ready to go, toys and all, and wouldn't you know the boy was napping? After about a year and a half of waiting for him to wake up, or maybe half an hour - not sure which, I got to strip him down to his diaper, lather him up with sunscreen and take him out there. I tell you, the whole, hot, two-day affair was worth every second. He loves it! Climbed right in and started exploring. Very handy that the mud room, I mean kitchen sink, is close to the back door - I can just hose him off with the sink's sprayer, and no sand all over tarnation. Everybody's a winner!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


It's Aidan's first real word; he waves and says Hi. Mom-mom, Daddy, ba-ba (bottle), signs for "more" and "all done," and Hi. That's so Aidan - he's a very interactive sort of boy, working his hardest to engage every person he comes across in some sort of game or flirtation. What's the best tool for all of these things? "Hi!"

Oh, and separately, did you know that Godiva stores have drinks? They're along the lines of iced coffee, but they're made of chocolate. Honest!