Friday, September 14, 2007

I live for Fridays

I really do. Right now (and for as long as I can pull it off) I have Fridays off work, and I get to spend them with my son--sometimes even with my hubby too (when he can pull it off). They're more than worth whatever it takes to make them happen. Today I've had the wonderful pleasure of being able to hang out with my son as he wakes up at a leisurely pace (and I do too), instead of having to hurry to get ready for work/school. I've also had the pleasure of playing with him during his happy morning time and of feeding him cereal. (Cereal face is so much better than green bean face. He actually seems to like the cereal.) We took a nap together - him sleeping on me, and me gazing at him and rubbing his back while he sleeps, sneaking in cheek kisses when I could. Dear Hubby came home and we all went out to lunch together, sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine.

It's not so much the specifics of the day that make it special to me, though--for me it's really about getting to spend time, unfocused time. Seeing what the day has to promise. On work days, it's a few minutes in the morning, and then I pick him up by six. By the time we get home and eat something, he's probably down for the night, though Hubby and I usually let him sleep on us in the evening instead of putting him in his crib right away. I don't get to see the day-to-day changes, like how much better he is at sitting up or how much more interactive he is. I know I could get that on the weekends, but those two days just aren't enough. By the time the shopping's done, laundry's done, or any chores, the weekend's gone and you're back where you started. I don't want just to prop him in his exersaucer to keep him busy - I want to read with him, interact with him, sing with him, walk with him, learn with him and such.

I know I'm not alone. Aside from the billions and billions of articles on this topic that I've seen over the years, I met another Mommy from school the other day, and she was talking about the Exact Same Thing. She doesn't get Fridays off, though, so I didn't mention that I do--gloating isn't becoming. She's a teacher, though, so she gets the entire summer to play with her little girl. Wouldn't that be yummy?

Does one day solve all my angst about time with my son? No, but it sure beats no days and it sure helps!! It's my spoil-myself-life-of-luxury-time-to-spend-do-things-for-fun day. Mmmmm.

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