Monday, September 24, 2007

will, fortitude

So, how do you resist a beautiful boy who doesn't want you to leave the room? What do you do when he makes the terrible sad face and then screams full tilt? What do you do when he really turns it on and reaches for you? How do you find the strength to say no to the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen when you know he doesn't get to spend much time with you during the week and that he misses you?

I mean, really. I don't want to raise a spoiled kid who expects, who has a sense of entitlement. I want to raise a wonderful, sensitive man with strength of character, with a work ethic and consideration for others and who understands the value of a dollar to boot. Is this possible? Where will I find the will to stand up to the gorgeous? To say no to the sweetheart, to my little love? For the good of him, but also for the good of everyone he interacts with and influences for the rest of his life? He's so perfect, and all I want to do is love on him all the time. This desire doesn't coincide with my wish for those future characteristics I've listed.

So, is it possible?

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