Tuesday, November 29, 2011

um, what is that?

Aidan has a terrible mark on his shoulder that wasn't there earlier in the day.  Steven asked where it came from, and he showed us.  Turns out, he was sucking on his own shoulder to see what it would feel like.  That's right - he's given himself a giant (for him) hickey.  Seriously?  Do other children do this?

Things I'll miss

I was very sad when Aidan aquired "L"s.  There are other things I know I'll miss, for example:
  • peek for keep, e.g., "He peeks on telling me, but I already know!"
  • "bictroller" for controller and "bictrol" for control.  "Where's the bictroller?  I need to pause the TV"
  • "Mommy, I can't hear the music--can you speak it up?" or "It's too loud, would you speak it down?"
  • be-chother, as in "We love bechother"
  • beleven, the number after ten (though I've heard him say eleven once or twice already)
  • "salty chips" - the kind with a hint of lime; has nothing to do with salt
  • "even" at the beginning of the sentence - "Even I got to have ice cream last night!"
The time approacheth, and too fast....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

wait for it....

Today I got an awesome story on the way to work about Aidan's amazing strength.  Did you know that sometimes he can touch an animal and turn into that animal?  (During these times, he doesn't keep an Aidan face - he'd have a cheetah face, for example.)

He also is able to make hyenas back off.  How?  He punches them in the stomach.  The stomach is back behind the head, Aidan, how do you keep them from biting you if you're punching them past their heads?  He tapes their mouths closed, like we saw the man on TV who was moving crocodiles and taped their mouths closed before moving them.  "I use duck, duck......a duck and a goose tape."

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Love those little ever-turning wheels!

Sometimes on weekends when Aidan calls out in the morning that he's awake, I tell him to crawl in with us and snuggle for a few minutes instead of going right downstairs.  There's a shot he'll go back to sleep and I might not have to get up at 7am.  I tried it this morning, and it worked for at least half an hour - victory! 

Our friends came to visit yesterday; their youngest is 7 months old.  I held him until he fell asleep on me, and what an amazing feeling!  I remembered and miss when Aidan was tiny and would fall asleep on my chest.  Mmmm.  So, when last night we were watching some TV and relaxing before bedtime, it was an extra special treat that he fell asleep on me.  Couldn't tell you the last time.

So, fell asleep on me last night, then again this morning snuggling all warm from sleep.  Heavenly.  Great way to wake up, too, today--his first words this morning were, "Bee starts with B."  Right, Aidan.  "So does blasting bomber."  Odd that there was no hello or anything, but to be fair, those words all do start with B. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Drama in the Discovery room

Discovery is Aidan's current room at school.  This is the story he's been telling me over the last several weeks, which culminated last night.  You should be aware that, when you're on the outs with him or his friends, they commonly say things like, "Then you're not part of my collection!" or "Then you're not invited to my birthday!" or "Then you're not invited to my playdate!"  The actual existence of these activities at all or in any kind of near proximity is completely immaterial to the threat.  All of the players in this tale are Discovery kids.  Please let it be known that I have never encouraged marriage proposals or considerations in my four-year-old son.

Addison was going to marry Phillip.  Aidan was going to marry Alexa, because you should always marry someone taller than you.  Alexa wanted to marry nobody because her parents were divorced, and she didn't want a divorce.  She asked them to get back together so that she could get married someday.  No go, so no marriage for Alexa. 

Addison "fell in love with" Aidan, and Phillip was not happy.  Addison was no longer invited to Phillip's party, and Aidan was going instead.  (ed - interesting that Aidan received no blame in that)  Despite her love for Aidan, Addison would marry nobody, and Aidan would marry nobody.  (ed - I am unsure as to the details of why they would marry no one at that time)

Addison "tricked" Aidan.  She had said that she loved Aidan but would marry nobody, but has since decided that she will marry Phillip afterall.  Now she and Aidan are both invited to Phillip's playdate (formerly known as his party).  Aidan will still marry nobody, because nobody's perfect except us (Team Driver).  He doesn't have to marry anyone, right?

At one time during this drama, Aidan asked whether he had to marry anyone.  "Of course not, Aidan.  If you don't want to marry anyone, you don't have to."  Okay, then he would marry no one.  Unless Conner wanted to marry him - could he marry Conner?  "Sure; if you and Conner want to get married when you grow up, you go ahead and get married."  Very reassuring at the moment, but the next day back to marrying no one.

I had no idea this sort of drama started so early.  Amazing.