Monday, May 30, 2011

the birth of the "l"

My son doesn't "do" Ls. He "w's" them. "He-wo?" is what he says when he answers the phone. Strangely, we get the occasional L in Spanish - he'll sprinkle an "Hola" in with his "O-wa's."

Dad's been working with him to see whether he can do an actual L sound, and it turns out he can. He doesn't do it all the time yet, just sprinkles them in here and there. Today he said, "ladies." I knew he could; I wasn't worried. However, it saddens me just a little to hear his baby sounds disappearing. He's got a great vocabuwary and is very expressive, even with the "w's." I'm not a bad mom; just a wittow notstawgic.


This morning my son told me that he'd learned a new Backyardigans song called, "Who the hell are you?" I doubted that there was such a song, and he told me that it was different Backyardigans, going on to tell me all about the parallel-universe characters in that version, and even "singing" a bit of the song.

When we discussed that those are words we don't really say, he was very worried about Santa, which confused me. Turns out he believes (don't know whether it's true) Santa says, "Who the hell are you?" in the movie, Elf. If it's true, thanks Favreau. If not, my kid really is sneaky.