Friday, September 21, 2007

wearing the letters

I'm not a very fashionable girl. I mean, I feel pretty good in a pair of khakis and a black or chocolate t-shirt, and sometimes my shoes even match the outfit, but that's normally coincidence. Simple is best for me, because it's harder to mess up. Same goes for my house - I try to keep it picked up, and it's not terrible to look at, but it's not one of those houses that you walk into and it looks pulled together, either. I just don't have "it," that thing you need to pull off scarves around your neck, casual skirts, or well put together rooms.

Today I have taken a strong step forward toward fashionableness (is that a word? See - I really don't have it). Today I brandished a quote onto the wall in my boy's room. It's a Pooh room, and the quote's from Pooh, too: "I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen." It's a focal point for the room - I see on all the TLC shows that rooms need focal points, and this is clearly the only room in my house that has one. One's a start, though, right? Check out the company where I got it made - very nifty! Maybe someday you'll see it on the site!

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