Monday, September 17, 2007

carrot face

Nothing like Carrot Top; be not afraid. I was getting ready to tell you that carrot face was at least as bad as green bean face. Yesterday, when I would've blogged but for the lack of battery capacity, it would've been true. Today, however, it's a new story. Breakthrough? I hesitate to get excited, but it seems promising. A new challenge, however, is that the boy is learning to blow bubbles. This dubious talent led to his projectile-spitting carrots in my face. I'm such a new mom that I actually found this funny and, dare I say?, cute. The blowing and spattering was, in fact, laugh-out-loud funny. This presented a problem because everyone knows you're not supposed to laugh out loud when kids do things you don't want them to keep doing. Yeah - good luck with that. Seriously, you try it and let me know how that goes. Maybe I'll have it down by the time he's old enough for me to be egging him on - oh, right. Too late. Anyway, the new appreciation for carrots is a step in the right direction for sure. I'll take it.

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