Monday, October 25, 2010

Thought it was just a legend, but it's real

Aidan lives in a very black and white world, which is hilarious at times, especially during Funk Breaks (see earlier post). For Aidan, though, whatever dance we first do for a particular song is what you must always do for that song (black and white world).

At our house "All the Single Ladies" (a Beyonce song - he learned it at school, believe it or not) is called by its name, but Michael Jackson's "Shake your Body (Down to the Ground)" is called The Pointing Song because we did a pointing-type groovy dance to it the first time; other songs have similar titles. MJ's "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough," it turns out, is the Batman hula dance. Go ahead - try to picture that. I dare ya. It involves Aidan's wearing his Batman mask/cape that he's going to wear for Halloween, and then running through the house (so his cape flies up in the air), hands on hips and moving his hips in circles as he runs. It's maybe the funniest/best dance EVER.

I have to get video of it, because he'll never believe when he's older that he came up with this when he was little! What an awesome kid.

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