Tuesday, October 5, 2010

as one battle ends,

My son eats maybe two foods, and to get him to eat anything else is a struggle at best. Used to be able to count on mac & cheese, but now he won't eat it and cheese is out altogether. He'll eat breakfast foods, but at other times of the day, about all you can get down him peaceably is fruit, maybe a veggie if he's in a good mood, yogurt, plain hamburger ketchup only, corndog (but maybe not the hot dog inside), and maybe some nuggets.

We've tried about everything, and it's clear that we've erred in waiting 3 1/2 years to try and get him to eat the same thing we do. I see the error of my ways, but it seems too late. We now are trying something new in which he gets a small serving of what we eat and must have some of that before he can have what he'd like to have. It's kind of working except that it takes about an hour and a half for dinner. By the time I'm finished beg, borrow and stealing to get him to try something (not liver and onions or something - last night it was homemade spaghetti sauce), I've about had it. I keep thinking it has to get easier, though.

At my biggest client, several people have kids about Aidan's age. It appears that none of them eats without coersion, which is a little bit comforting. However, I'll feel much better when this stage passes.

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