Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Funk Break

Funk Breaks are from college. Every Sunday night, from 10:2o to 11:00, we'd gather in a house and two guys would spin records (probably actual vinyl records, in fact, at least in part). We'd dance our patoots off and relieve a little tension from the week. We'd then be ready either to sleep really well for the week ahead or, more probably in my case, get to really studying for all of the work I had procrastinated that was due the next day.

Funk Break has expanded to my living room. I've finally joined the iTune generation, and have been very much enjoying downloading some of my favorite songs. Aidan and I put on some oldies but goodies and dance our patoots off before bedtime, getting ready to crash for the evening. Aidan's dances are pretty awesome - many involve lots of hip action, some have pointing, some have locked hands. It makes me so happy to hear him singing Michael Jackson circa Off the Wall or Shake Your Booty. I'm not sure how long it will be until such songs are very uncool, not to mention Funk Breaks not being cool, but I'll take it for as long as I can.

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