Tuesday, October 5, 2010

soccer mom

It's official. Aidan starts soccer lessons in a couple of weeks. I'm a soccer mom, but am pretty excited about it. He's very excited to be playing soccer with his friend Nora. I'm excited that he's excited and also that there's a class at a time we can go this fall.

Continuing swim lessons. After one and a half introductory Red Cross set of lessons and five (yes, five) sessions of beginning lessons at a swim facility, he has graduated to Level II. Here he'll be in Addison's class, which is also very exciting. Steven asked whether this means that if he fell into the pool he'd be able to swim back to the side to safety. Um, no. Not at all. But it does mean that he'll put his head in the water without a battle of wills, which is a great first step to not panicking should such a fall occur. I think we're on the right road.

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