Tuesday, October 5, 2010

no, not Lightyear

Aidan's hair twirling has finally gotten to the point that we fear his hair may not grow back. He's always done it, but it seems that his thin area's getting bigger and bigger lately. We've tried other routes, from talking to him about pulling his hair and pulling it out to wearing a cap to bed to try and keep him from pulling it. Conceptually he's with us, but the habit's been too hard for him to break, not to mention the times that he's told me he's very sneaky and puts his fingers under the cap to pull his hair.

Fear of lifelong baldness in a very odd pattern, namely most of the front of his head, has caused us to take action. Thursday we took him to Cookie Cutters and got him a buzz cut. I was worried that I'd be upset, but honestly, once I got over how big the actual thin spot was, he looks adorable. His eyes look huge. Well, they are huge, but it really shows with short hair.

He's told me several times that he needs to keep ("peek") trying to pull his hair, but he can't because it's short. He likes it; we talked it up and he agrees that he looks cool. He doesn't want it to grow back long, which is good. One fewer epic battle, that. I'm hopeful that it'll start growing back in noticeably (or unnoticeably, depending on how you look at it) by Christmastime. It could happen.

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