Monday, March 14, 2011


Had a very interesting conversation with Aidan in the car this morning.

We started by talking about a harmonica he got for his birthday; he's pretty excited about playing it. That got him thinking that I should dance the hula while he played (I haven't danced the hula before - it must be what the harmonica sound reminded him of). Then he asked if I had a hula dress, and when I told him I didn't - we'd have to make one or pretend - he said that I could just wear the "marriage dress" he'd seen in the pictures with Daddy. My wedding dress? Yes, that one. Could he have a wedding dress someday? Sure, if he gets married and wants to wear a wedding dress, that would be fine. I asked him if he knew who he wanted to marry when I grew up? He'd marry himself. Did I know that a person could marry himself? No, I did not know that. Then he said he'd marry Addison (a friend at school) because he'd like to marry Addison, and when you get married, that's when babies come out. And you get to move away. I asked him if he wanted to move away from Mommy and Daddy, and he said that's what you have to do when you get married. I asked, like how Mommy and Daddy don't live with Grammy and Poppie? Yes, like that. But they would like to live someplace with sunshine and seashells. On a beach in Hawaii. (Don't know where that came from, unless he's retained where we got married or because he saw Lilo and Stitch recently, which might also explain the hula, actually).

So, let it be known: Aidan's future is determined. He figured out last week that he wanted to be a dentist (because our dental hygienist let him assist with my cleaning after his), so apparently he'll be a dentist married to Addison (and wearing a dress during the ceremony) living on the beach in Hawaii, and babies will have "come out."

It was all I could do not to crack up, but I so wanted to hear what was coming next that I held it together.

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