Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bella, revisted

Feeling a little guilty.

Spoke to Aidan's teachers today, and while Bella has her struggles, she's getting better and is judged through the eyes of former behavior. Oh, and Aidan pushes her buttons to see what will happen, then gets upset when, inevitably, it does. Hmmmm.

Aidan mentioned a day or two ago that Cindy told him to stop bothering her. I asked him why she said that, and he said, with honesty, "I don't know." Another hmmm. Teachers say the kids are working on that too.

No provocation is reason for someone to hit, but he does provoke her. Also, one teacher saw the "punched in the face" incident, and her observations about it were significantly different than Aidan's.

Working on giving Bella the benefit of the doubt. Working on how I can coach Aidan to be a better friend too, or remove himself from the space of a person who's bothering him, and not to bother others.

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