Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The arrival of fall

I read a couple of blogs pretty regularly (for me, anyway). I am amazed at the writers for being interesting day after day; more specifically, I'm amazed at the way they're able to make every-day things sound so fun that I wish I'd been there. I'm guessing that their lives sometimes feel uninteresting, and yet they're able to glean the sparkly bits of their days. This makes me realize that I have sparkly bits of days, too, and that I have endless opportunities for other sparkly bits of days, and that I need to recognize, be grateful for and make the most of those sparkly bits.

Along those lines, we took Aidan to a pumpkin patch on Sunday. He liked the corn box (like a sandbox, but kernels of dried corn are used instead of sand), and some of the other things were cool, too. They had slides and climbing, a maze, and a hayride. By far his favorite part of the day by far was "driving" a huge tractor. It was stationary, but he was so excited by the shifters and the big steering wheel, that he didn't mind. He was beaming from ear to ear.

My favorite part, other than picking out pumpkins to carve and spending some time with my two favorite boys, was when he spotted some painted plywood cutouts of animals. He saw the cow and yelled, "MOooooo!" and such. When he saw the horsies, though, it was really too much for him. He yelled "Neeeiiiiiighhhhhhhhh" and took off full tilt to go see them. When he got to the "herd," he asked for help - he wanted us to hoist him up so he could ride them. Of course, we couldn't - nowhere to sit on the edge of plywood, but he couldn't understand why we wouldn't hoist him up there.

Speaking of Aidan's animal noises (I read recently, that if you start that way, people will naturally follow without realizing that you hadn't actually been speaking of his animal noises), he'll be dressing as a lion for Halloween this year. Roar! His roar is very ferocious

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