Tuesday, October 7, 2008

as much boy as baby?

My boy. My beautiful little boy. He's growing up, faster than the speed of light.

He's started telling us "no" this week - I know; for everyone else with kids, this is no big news, but it's new to us. He's very emphatic about what he wants and doesn't want, and he knows exactly what that is. I have no idea where he gets that trait.

He's looking quite grown up, thanks in part to a new haircut. Put him in a pair of jeans with his gym shoes and a polo, and he could be a preschooler. Ugh!

He's got grown-up interests, too. He's into helping in the kitchen, pushing a chair so that he can reach the counter. He loves helping in any way he can, throwing away trash (including his own diapers) and putting recycling in the bin. He uses his mower outside, and helps put leaves into bags. He's a very eager helper. Yesterday in Target he did something I remember doing as a kid - hiding in the clothes racks underneath the clothes.

It's all happening so quickly. I know it's never going to slow down, but I'm still surprised by how quickly it goes by.

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