Saturday, October 4, 2008

the real story

OK, there's something I've not been telling you. It happened at the wedding.

As you saw, my sis was gorgeous, and she wore very long gloves. As she was putting them on, she took off her (vintage, of course) engagement ring and handed it to me to hold. It was too small for my ring finger and too big for my pinky, so I put it on the pinky and tried to concentrate on it. After that came the whirlwind during which I tried to make everything perfect for her and deflect any type of question or concern that might distract her from total bliss and happiness. I ran all over the venue, inside and with pictures outside, really all over.

A brief aside: I'd promised my brother, who'd gotten ordained online so that he could perform the ceremony, $100 if he'd start out the wedding with "mawage." If you're not a Princess Bride fan, you should be, and you wouldn't understand that. If you are, wouldn't that be awesome? So we get into place, and my brother starts out "mawage. Mawage is that bwessed ewent that bwings us togevah today." I said under my breath, "$100," but he refuses to take my money because my sister set it up with him months ago. I don't care what anyone says - my sibs are cool!

Anyway, flash forwad to mid-wedding. I'm standing there and realize that I'm no longer wearing her ring. I'm not wearing it and I have no idea where it is. I'm going through the day in my head, and I know I've been everywhere, but I can't imagine how I did what I've done - lose the ring. It's really not like me to do that. I forget little things all the time, and I can be absent minded, but I don't forget or lose really important things like that. I just don't. Immediately after the ceremony, I tell my sister-in-law, my hubby, and my dad. During the photos, the three of us are making excuses to leave repeatedly, and are tearing apart every place we can think of. My dad and I are in the room where all the women had gotten ready, my hubby was walking along the street, we were trying everything. In my head, I was trying to figure out how long I could go before telling her. I knew that once she knew, the entire wedding would be ruined, and I wanted her to have as many good memories of it as she could. I was sick and miserable. I couldn't believe what I had done.

We were having no luck searching, and finally my dad said to my mom, "She lost her ring." My mom looked at my and said, "she's wearing her rings." Dad told her, "no, the bride's ring." My mom came over and asked what ring we'd been looking for, and I told her it was my sis' engagement ring. Mom said, "You gave it to me hours ago - I'm wearing it." I tell you, to this day I have no memory of that. I had a whole conversation with Mom when I told her that I was worried because the ring was loose on my pinky, and I didn't want to lose it. Mom said she'd wear it because she could put it under her gloves and it wouldn't come off. I guess I'd been concentrating so much on making her day go well that I put that conversation out of my mind once I'd dealt with the situation. I'm a little concerned about the pictures that were taken during that time. I'm sure I look in pain - I was in pain.


Susan said...

oh you sweet thing! I'm so glad it came out right in the end. If you look pained in the pix, your sister will point them out and tell people what an awesome sister you are. I know she does already.

Ambley said...

and that's why you're my friend!