Thursday, October 2, 2008

a lugnut?

As I was walking to my client's office today, I had to cross a street with a brick walkway. I was wearing heels (if you know me, try not to be surprised), and I felt my heel get stuck in between the bricks. I wasn't happy about this on several levels - first, the light might have changed soon; second, the shoes fastened to my feet, so a quick escape wasn't plausible; third, I didn't want to have to sit down in the street (one of the busiest in our city) and take my shoe off to get away.

Luckily, after a short struggle, I was able to free my heel, but I heard a weird clicking which is usually an indication that the rubber part of the heel is gone and that you're walking on the nail only. Great - first thing in the morning. When I got to the sidewalk, I looked down, and the indication was wrong. I hadn't lost a heel, I'd gained a lugnut.

Somehow, a single lugnut was sitting upright in the middle of the walkway. Beyond that, somehow my heel fit into it exactly. Furthermore, I somehow stepped squarely into the middle of said lugnut. How is that possible? What's the likelihood? I unscrewed the rusty lugnut from my new shoe and carried it in with me. I'm thinking it must be a good-luck charm.

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