Monday, April 28, 2008

add #12

12. Better to come down with whatever your son brought home from school after than during a theatrical performance you're attending.

I'm certain that I was too humiliated to mention it in December, but this is not the first time Aidan's brought a "present" home from school (note #1 in the last post). Though I had not been sick to vomiting for nearly three decades (yes, really), I succombed just before intermission of the Broadway Show Sweeney Todd. Let me pause for a moment here to say that I am the girl who tries to have a little class - I get frustrated when people are running to their cars during the curtain calls because it's more important to them to get out of the parking lot timely than thank the performers who worked so hard to entertain them. I don't like when people talk or crinkle loudly during performances, and I cannot understand when people believe it's okay to wear their most casual attire to such performances. In fact, I was distracted during the beginning of Sweeney Todd because a woman near my was wearing very pungent perfume. Ha!

Note that I said "just before" intermission. That's right - in one of my most humiliating moments ever, I had to use our cups (made Hubby chug my Sprite to empty one) to try and contain my contributions to the performance. I'm so humiliated, in fact, that we've switched the rest of our tickets for the season. Yes, we're season ticketholders, and no, I can't bear to face those poor people again. They know it was me. I couldn't eat Chipotle for some time after that either, but that's neither here nor there.

In an unbelievable and cruel coincidence, we had tickets to a jazz orchestra performance last Thursday. When Aidan started not feeling well on Tuesday, my hubby and I joked amongst ourselves that we should give those tickets away lest I have a repeat performance. It got to be Wednesday, we both still felt well, and we continued to joke. This was frightening close to the timing of the last episode, when Aidan started not feeling well Tuesday and ST was Wednesday evening. Flash forward to Thursday - Hubby started not feeling so well. He asked me at about 6:30 to find a last-minute replacement for him, so my sis filled in. Despite the fact that I felt just great, I was incredibly nervous. I was sitting on the aisle and had scoped out the pathway to the two nearest restrooms. Luckily, these performances are a little more feisty, so getting up wouldn't be nearly as frowned upon. No problem this time, though, and I got so cocky as to high five my sis as we walked to the car because I had avoided the plague. All was well until about 4 am, at which time I was stricken.

Still, better to be stricken after the performance than during as last time.

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