Thursday, April 3, 2008


I really enjoy teaching. Very much enjoy it. In fact, I dream of teaching when I "retire." Probably at college level, but maybe even at high school level (in a previous life before all this business-y stuff, I had a license to teach high school), but I very much enjoy interacting with the students. I love watching lights go on as they figure things out, talking to them to find out what they think and dream of, and making pretty complex ideas more approachable.

I have no idea, however, what I was thinking that made me pick up ten extra classes in the middle of my husband's busiest time of year. It's a decision that a crazy person probably wouldn't make, and I like to kid myself that I'm still holding on to a shred of sanity. It's okay--I'm in on the joke, so I know the truth, but the kidding is reassuring nonetheless.

The last of the ten was last night. The classes were very interesting, helped me grow professionally, and were filled with amazing students, but I just couldn't be happier to be through them. I feel as though I can finally take a couple of deep breaths. It does not escape me that this coincides with the very beginning of warmer weather, either. Mmmmm. The fact that summer break hasn't existed for me for years doesn't take away the giddy feeling that summer is a fun, luxurious time of year. This, combined with a few deep breaths makes for a wonderful Thursday, especially combined with the sun peeking out here and there throughout the day.

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