Thursday, April 24, 2008

(some) things I didn't know before this week

  1. The time when "spit up" becomes "vomit" is somewhere between eight and thirteen months.
  2. Spit up washes out easily; vomit does not.
  3. Children with few teeth don't really chew their food much. (I should have intuited this, but hadn't thought of it.)
  4. Jewelry retains eau de vomit as well as clothing does.
  5. Stain remover will remove blackberry-stained vomit from rugs, but eau de vomit remains in sofas even after steam cleaning.
  6. There are vomit warning signs. It is very important to be aware of them and recognize them quickly. Any child who wakes up from a deep sleep and rips the binky from his mouth should be watched suspiciously.
  7. Twenty-four hours is not sufficient time to assume safety from watching for such warning signs.
  8. Pedialite popcicles are the bomb.
  9. Grandma and Grandpa make everything better. Children who feel fabulous at G&G's house may relapse at home.
  10. Sleeping on a couch with an ailing child is fine for one night, but the second night wrecks havoc with one's neck.
  11. An ailing child is an especially cuddly child (one bright side).

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