Friday, May 2, 2008

why WNTW rocks

OK, so unless you're out there and a girl or a significant other of a girl, you don't know what WNTW is, and that's okay. If you're a girl, however, you know as I do, that what they say works. Really.

I won't lie - since Aidan there's something that's literally weighing on me: pounds. To be completely honest, it started pre-Aidan (I believe it has to do with going from eating as a single girl to eating with a boy every day, but cannot be sure), but pounds I gained pre-Aidan were not shaped as these are, seemingly just glued only to my midsection. It's really only 10-15 pounds total, which may not be a lot to some, but it's a lot to me. A LOT.

I decided a few weeks ago (sadly, boosted by another reality TV show, when Ali won The Biggest Loser) that I was finally going to lose this, and I've been eating much better. Three pounds down - it's a start!

In the meanwhile, as Stacey & Clinton would advise, I need to be able to feel good about the in between, which will spur me on to get to the finale. Because I've watched a lot of WNTW, I have the rules in mind when I shop - a nice pair of trousers with wide-ish legs. Tops that accentuate the narrowest part of me so and glide away from my midsection, but not baggy allover.

I've been shopping a couple of times in the last few weeks - just a couple of separates pieces, some for work, some for play, so that I can feel decent about myself again as summer approaches. My "normal" summer clothes are all snug and fitted for a girl who's the size I normally am. These are not, but following the rules really works. At work yesterday, Doug (we love Doug) looked at my in my trousers and empire-waisted summer sweater, "You look thin!" In fact, since I've been wearing my rules-based purchases, I've gotten several comments on losing weight.

On the show, frumpy people always feel transformed - they can't believe that they can look as good as they end up looking. I don't feel completely transformed, but I sure feel better. Between that and the jewelry I've gotten from my sis' business (she's 10 years younger, so helps keep me in fashion to an extent at least), I've got some easy, go-to outfits that help me feel put together and confident. Haven't felt put-together and confident in a long time. Actually, I'm not good at fashion, so I rarely feel put-together; my sis is a little bit of a miracle worker getting me to accessorize as she has, but I used to feel quite confident.

That is why WNTW rocks!

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