Friday, April 18, 2008

we have a winner!

So here I am, feeling like I almost have it together, whatever "it" is. (Don't worry - whenever I get this feeling, I know it's fleeting, but I'm still mighty grateful!) I have my husband back from the throes of work, finally, and spring has arrived. The fact that the two were nearly coincidental is almost too much for my full heart. Beautiful Aidan is sleeping, not knowing that a bike ride to the park awaits; surely if he knew, he'd not keep me waiting so, though he does like to tease me. My little company is doing well, and I've been taking Fridays off again (and even fit in a weekend Vegas trip with my sister that hasn't made it yet to the blog). It't only mid-afternoon, and I've already done a load of laundry, the grocery shopping and putting away, and the pre-work for dinner tonight. I'm not as behind as usual at work or home. Because we replaced them this fall, I have windows that open and screens in them that fit - there's an actual sunny breeze coming through the living room as I sit and type (not shocking unless you lived here for five years prior to the new windows). My yard is blooming with daffodils, hyacinths and various other bulbs, and the little street I live on is filled with flowering trees in full bloom. This might be my favorite week to live here, despite my overwhelming love for summer.

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