Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Friday, Friday

(So good to me...) I have a confession to make. For the last couple of months, I haven't been taking Fridays off as intended.

I needed to be accomplishing things in that time, so I didn't really mind. This last Friday, however, I did not work. Mmmmm. That one extra day really a long way toward balance and sanity, and I could use the boost. (My mother used to say, "That would make a sane person crazy, and I didn't start out sane!" I believe I now know what she meant.)

In fact, this was not a particularly quiet weekend - we had family from out of town, we went to a Broadway show in another city (actual overnight, parents-only date!), and still we got the usual required items finished to ensure that all of us are fed and clothed for another week. Overall, a huge success. That one extra day, just those few hours, has made a world of difference, not just in what was accomplished, but also in perception of the whole. Without Friday, I would feel like the weekend didn't even really exist - it would have flown completely by without spending much time with Aidan and without my feeling particularly relaxed or regenerated. With it, it's as though the weekend floated as much as sped, and this week has been a much brighter prospect.

Must do my best to keep Fridays.

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