Tuesday, March 4, 2008

a billiondy less two

What is it like to be caught up? Is it possible to get caught up, and once caught, can one possibly stay there?

I got an unexpected boost in this direction today. One of the things I do is teach review courses for my profession's certification. I picked up several extra of these classes while my business is growing, which is great for cashflow and harrowing for time. Each class lasts about 4 hours, so that means that the outside preparation for me to teach is somewhere in the 5-10 hour range, per class. Today I found out that two of the classes I picked up (the ones that I need to have prepared by this and next week) are exact repeats of when I taught them last year. This means that, aside from reviewing my notes, I am already prepared. I Am Already Prepared!! I now have three weeks, not a day and a half, to prepare for the next time I teach. The realization of this as I sat at my office this morning had me on the edge of (grateful) tears.

Don't get me wrong--I've got a billiondy other things on the list that I've been ignoring in favor of being prepared for a class before my actual arrival to it. Students seem to appreciate me for that, and since they're paying for the course, it really seems only fair. The thought, however, of getting to a couple of the other billiondy feels like a huge weight has been lifted. As I re-think the next couple of weeks, which include my son's first birthday party, the extra time is much appreciated--luxurious, even!

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