Friday, March 14, 2008

big (little) man on campus

It's official - one year old yesterday. Though it was an extremely busy day for me with work, I knew it was a very special day for a little boy, so I decided to film "A Day in the Life of Aidan." You'll never guess who stars in my film. Okay, you might.

We start out at Grandma & Grandpa's, as I had taught the night before and he had stayed at their house. I got there right after he woke up, and we took some good film. We went to school, and it was a birthday wonderland. Big sign for him, big congratulations all around from people I don't even know, and big hugs and kisses from his girlfriend Paula in the kitchen. She got him a very tasty board book, and he's enjoying that. When he got there, the first thing they did was strip down and paint. Perhaps every day should start that way. It's all on film. Then Mommy went to work, and tried to be a grownup until late afternoon. Auntie B stopped in at lunchtime to play with him, and says it's obvious that he now thinks he's the big man on campus there. The show must go on!

Back to school, and filming him running through the halls, escaping to the muscle room. This is a wonderland, filled with balls of all sizes and varieties, as well as climbing aparati of all types. Very hard to get a little man out of a muscle room. Very cool discussions with a little man in one, though - full of squeals of delight and many different "words." Lots of film. Back to G&G's so Mommy could teach, and film of playing outside. We ended the day with Mommy rocking him to sleep. I'm pretty sure this is a blockbuster waiting to happen. Completely irresistible hero, charm galore, suspense, drama, comedy - it's all there.

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