Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bless their hearts, the lot of 'em.

To all single parents and parents whose spice (mouse/mice; spouse/spice?) are not as incredibly helpful and supportive as mine, my hat is off to you.

I am in awe, truly in awe, of people who raise children by themselves. I have thought this since the beginning - when I was pregnant, I wondered how a woman could go through all the pregnancy stuff without someone to help get anything done, especially through the very tired portions. When Aidan was tiny, I wondered how one person could keep any semblence of sanity while sleeping pretty much not at all and keeping a little person's needs at the top of the list where they need to be. All this doesn't even consider that single parents also are likely working throughout. Amazing.

Now Aidan is a year old, and I am again reminded of how incredibly lucky I am. Right now is Hubby's very busiest time at work, so for the last several weeks (and several yet to come), he's coming home quite late and working through part if not most of the weekends. It's amazing what a difference a little (or in my case, quite a bit of) help goes. Our house looks like some sort of storm hit it, and nearly nothing is getting done outside of some meals (mostly for Aidan) and a little sleep here and there. I also take for granted sometimes how wonderful it is to have a buddy around to bounce around ideas with or just talk or laugh. By the time Hubby comes home, I'm exhausted but unable to put myself to bed because I'm excited to be able to catch up a little or snuggle on the couch.

I can't imagine doing all this without Hubby around for more than a little while. I know that when you're in a tough situation, you just do it because you don't have a choice. Most of these people, however, even have senses of humor and extra energy for making sure their kids are having fun and experiencing all different types of things in addition to basic care. What an amazing achievement - no joke. I'm just so very grateful for my little family and my wonderful life. Times like this make me especially grateful and aware of the many advantages I've got. Must give Hubby extra snuggles when he comes home tonight.


Susan said...

I just had this exact conversation with Lucy's teacher. Chris has been out of town a lot lately and I was explaining why I looked like a truck had backed over me repeatedly. My house also looks like it's been backed over repeatedly. Kids look okay.

Ambley said...

I know just what you mean!