Saturday, December 17, 2011

wait for it....

From vaca - we're at our island away from the island, and it's about 4:30 - time to start packing up for the "ferry" (if you'd seen it, you'd know why I used quotation marks).  My little Irish-skinned boy is very fair, so he's never been in the hot sun without one of those swim shirts that's SPF a billion or something.  However, it was late in the day, weaker sun and such.  And we needed him to dry out.  So Steven took A's shirt off to dry, and A happily romped some more in the ocean.

Calling to his little friend Ava, 6 yrs old:  "Wow!  You wouldn't believe how wonderful the water feels on your skin without a shirt on.  You HAVE to try it!"

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