Monday, December 5, 2011

THIS is vacation

I'm not going to lie - I'm typing this from St. Martin.  THE St Martin.  It's always amazing to have a week off, and even more amazing to have a whole week (a whole week) with my boys.  Even more amazing in a place like this.  Our condo is literally 5 feet from the ocean - if we open the balcony, some of the waves crashing in splash onto it.  We can hear the waves and the crashing and feel the breezes all the time.  Pretty great.

Today, though, we lucked out.  We met a guy in the swimming pool the other day who recommended a day trip to us, and we took it today.  Thanks, Tony.  Amazing day.  We took a ferry over to an even smaller, uninhabited island.  It's got a couple of restaurants, chairs and umbrellas, and a really calm piece of ocean - soft, soft sand.  It was so perfect.  It's supposed to be awful out this week, but today the sky was blue, blue, blue.  Just blue sky with the palm trees, the ocean, some good food and my boys.  Little man floating in the ocean with his noodle, playing frisbee with us in the waves, laughing, building castles with his little friend Logan who happens to be three years to the day younger (met them today), making friends, touching the VERY fresh lobsters in a cage waiting in the ocean for someone to pick them for lunch.  I know I'm fortunate all the time - days like today are just beyond.

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