Monday, December 5, 2011

the most annoying sound on earth or the cutest vacation story ever? both?

We were driving from our resort to the airport, a trip that should've taken about 20 minutes and took over 2 hours.  There was construction on the island, and the drainage isn't good, which causes a lot of the roads to flood.  Lethal combination.

Factor two:  the cars you rent on St. Martin are atrocious.  They sort of run.  The first time I had to apply the brakes, I discovered that it had no brake pads.  None.  Just grate and squeal.

So, we're driving through the rain on the way to the airport, brakes squealing.  After a few minutes, we realize that Aidan's in the back seat humming, nay, singing along.  Squealing along on the same note as the brakes.  They'd go off and on, and he'd "sing" along with it as they did.  He sang along with squealing brakes.  Tell me that's not the coolest kid ever.


Susan said...

You have the coolest kid ever.

Ambley said...

So does your mom....