Monday, March 1, 2010


I didn't think I'd be so excited about having a good time at Disney on Ice.  However, this means a possible trip in December! 

Aidan has been horribly afraid of any type of mascot or costume for quite some time now.  My sister is convinced that it's her fault due to an unfortunate costume store excursion and his continuing questions about whether they have to go back to the costume store, but I understand that it's very common at this age.  I think to excrusion was a coincidence. 

We had a slight turning point when, a few weeks ago, Brutus the Buckeye showed up at his gym class.  At the beginning, Aidan was extremely wary and not at all interested in interacting.  He told Daddy that "I don't like  Brutus; he's not a nice guy."  However, after watching Brutus stand on his head, play with other kids and be all-around charming, he had an epiphany.  About three minutes before Brutus left, Aidan yelled, "I like him now!  He is a nice guy!"  Ever since, he's been talking about Brutus.

Yesterday, at Disney on Ice, Aidan was not at all scared.  He didn't try to run from the room (as he did at Sesame Street Live), and he didn't cry or hide his face.  In fact, he was excited about it, clapping, singing, waving at the characters, and asking whether we could skate with Mickey.  I hate to get my hopes up, but I believe this may mean we're turning the corner.  Fingers crossed....

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