Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The clothes in size 3T do not look like clothes for a tiny little man; they're clothes for a full-fledged little boy.  Boy.  Not baby, not really toddler.  Boy.  Similarly, the shoes in size 9 are also not for toddlers; they're for boys.  I was explaining the wrongness of this to a friend today, and she said, "You don't have a baby; you have a boy."  I'm not proud, but I may have cursed at her.*  I'm taking refuge in the fact that 3T is a tad bit long, and that I need adjustable waistlines, as my skinny-patooted little boy will lose his drawers otherwise.  He's definitely too tall for 2T, though.  (sigh)

*She knows I love her.


Susan said...

Oh but the things they do as they get bigger! It's bittersweet, yet irresistibly fantastic.

Ambley said...

OK, that's what I'll keep telling myself.