Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taking action

I feel the winds shifting, and I know things are changing.  Hopefully what's changing is me taking action; that's what I think it is.  I feel myself being moved toward action, and it's taking a couple of different forms.

I'm planning.  I'm planning a trip and things I want to accomplish, as well as planning little projects and such with my boy.  I'm planning get-togethers with friends instead of wondering when I might see them.  I'm starting to be able to give more, of myself.  I'm beginning to work on a committee for a new venture related to the United Way in my city.  I believe I'll be able to start volunteering at the local children's hospital soon, if only I can pass the FBI background check.  Fingers crossed.

I'm not sure what brings this on, but maybe it's something to do with the restoration of balance.  I would love to spend every second with my boy(s), but I'm starting to be able to back up a little and do things for me too, or someone else.  I've been able to cook for my sister to help out, when not too long ago cooking at all seemed a distant reach.  I've been reading much more for fun, and am starting a book club with a neighbor.

It's a little of everything.  It's good.  I recognize this, and it's good.

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