Monday, March 29, 2010

pool day #1

We've signed up for another set of swim lessons - these are Red Cross certified, and Aidan will be a tadpole.  They go April 12 - May 12, and the other go May 2 - May 29 under another system.  I did the Red Cross classes when I was little and had a blast.  We need to have him comfortable enough to hold on to the edge of the pool by himself without my supporting him before April 12 so that he can be a tadpole.  Eeeee!

We started tonight.  We went to the pool tonight, just the two of us.  We played, baby steps to get ready for lessons.  He will easily jump in the pool to me from sitting, and a little less frequently jump in from standing.  If I support him, he'll lean on a kickboard and kick, though his forward progression isn't quick.  He was very excited, wanting to try different games and different equipment to see how they worked.  We went in the shallow end for the most part, but I kicked him on a little boat from one end to the other.  We made waves and splashes, and we had a blast!  I'm hoping that it's enough that we're ready in time for his class to start.  We'll be going to the pool as much as we can fit in between now and go-time.  Can't wait!!

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