Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not so much a lollipop

There's a big dirt pile behind Aidan's school put there every summer so the kids can play in it - they dig, they find worms, they play with trucks - they're kids in it (I really love Aidan's school). When I picked him up, he'd clearly been playing in the dirt pile - black dirt head to toe - and as I drove home, he started talking to me from the back seat.

"I take my shoes off, Mommy."
"OK Aidan, just throw them on the floor."
"My feet are really dirty." (True - pretty well solid black)
"That's right; we'll take a bath when we get home."
"My feet are really, really dirty."
"I know - it's okay. That's why we have a bathtub."
(As I hear giggling and see a foot moving in the rear view mirror) "Let's lick it!"

He's definitely a boy!

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