Thursday, September 24, 2009


It's our Friday and time to begin the three-day weekend. Lest you be jealous of my three-day weekends, let me describe this one for you. It promises to be a delightful time filled with packing up boxes - and not even for moving. Not one bon-bon expected.

We're having our hardwood floors refinished next week. Sounds like a wonderful project until you realize that everything you own is on the floor or in or on something that's on the floor. It's the whole house except kitchen, bathrooms and finished basement. Getting every inch of stuff out is daunting, to say the least, especially when combined with sorting through masses of things accumulated through two single lives and one marriage. Eeee!

Tra la la - not thinking about it yet. Daddy's traveling for work, and I'm snuggling with Aidan on the couch watching (and answering many questions about) Dragon Tales--accent on the snuggling.

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