Friday, September 18, 2009


Aidan and I went to pick up some recycling bins today (yes, I do live a fabulously glamorous life). When we got to City Hall we came across a jam session that, it turns out, happens every Friday near where we live. There were several banjos and guitars, a clarinet, a mouth harp and a trumpet.
When we arrived one gentleman dear to my heart stood up and sang his ABC's and then Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. He sang them with fervor. Another had some candy just in case a kid stopped by.
Seeing Aidan dance and yell, "More songs!" after each number, the guys said that everyone needed an instrument (that's his new friend Ben on guitar next to him) and lent Aidan a tambourine. As you can see, he's a gifted musician. The gentleman who lent it to him said that it's obvious what Aidan needs for Christmas. I'm not sure we can wait until Christmas.
Apparently, when it's cold out they meet in the cafe next door. Everyone's welcome. We'll definitely be taking them up on the invitation; they may regret it.

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