Thursday, October 22, 2009

the bbb (big boy bed)

It's here - we have arrived.

We'd been thinking that the time might be coming soon. Then we had our hardwood floors redone, which caused us to move all of our earthly possessions into the garage or basement, including the crib. Disassembling a crib isn't as fun as one might think, and we decided that once apart, it wouldn't be reassembled in this house again, at least for this child. Off to my sister's for her little one due in March (yeah for her little one due in March!).

Aidan went from "camping" on his crib mattress on the basement floor to camping on his crib mattress on the floor of his room. I thought I knew what bed I wanted for him, but I searched and searched to find it at a decent price with no luck. Missed one on craigslist by two hours, wouldn't you know. After two weeks it started to be sad to go up and sing goodnight to him all stretched out on the floor. So, this was it. Called my folks this morning and asked them to help out in my husband's absence as he travels for work today.

I still have the twin-sized four poster bed I used until I was in my late 20s. I remember having it at all of our houses growing up, and also remember refinishing it with my dad and how proud I was of it. I loved that bed. After all these years, it's not in as beautiful shape - living in the garage for the last decade or so has done it no favors. We put together the old frame and then journeyed to the mattress store. Excellent sale - good to go in about 15 minutes flat with the mattresses in the van. Then off to find the most adorable bedset ever - it's got trains, planes, trucks - every type of vehicle. Perfect for a little man! His stuff was on clearance to boot, which for a bargain shopper like me was almost too much.

Now he's up sleeping soundly, holding on to Eeyore and his sheep, curled up happily in, under and around the planes, trains and trucks. He loves it.

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