Tuesday, May 6, 2008

of vinyl and cash

I don't know if you are "into" music, but I am. Oftentimes, hearing a song will take me back to a specific time and place, or at least to a "summer of" type of time. I have lots of vinyl, and quite a few discs, too; not as many as some, but probably too many for whatever income level I've had at the time of purchase. I love most types of music--I never really got into country, but I love anything from classical to classic rock to funk and R&B to oldies to alternative. Growing up, the house was full of mostly classical music, mixed in with a few oldies (Beatles, Beach Boys, etc.). For me, nearly anything is better with good music for support. I love to listen, love to play (piano), love to sing (sing with Aidan all the time) - really just love music.

I also used to wait tables. This may seem unrelated, but it's not. Back in the days when you could only buy concert tickets by standing in a line with money in your hand, ready cash from waiting tables helped support a concert habit of mine. I've always had a sort of evolving "must see" list in my head, and over time, I've crossed nearly all of them off the list. In fact, I'm lucky enough to say that I saw U2's Joshua Tree tour; it's the only concert I ever stayed outside all night in line to see. I realize that sounds ridiculous in today's online frenzy of "refresh" to get good seats, but it was a badge of honor at the time. Sold out in two minutes.

Why reminisce? I got to cross another one off the list last week. The Police! This is probably not exciting to you if you're not about my age and don't love music, but to me it was IT. I grew up listening to them, bought the vinyl, memorized all the words, and mourned their breakup only to be consoled by Sting's solo career. Mmm. Anyway, what a show! They played most of the songs you'd want to hear in a fresh way, and we all sang our hearts out.

Happily, the list continues to dwindle.


Susan said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Ambley said...

Thank you, and to you, too!