Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Year of?

Interesting, very interesting.

Year of journeys?  I am decidedly not an athlete.  I'm in week 6 of a 9-week "couch to 5k" program that will begin with my very first race ever (ever) and may or may not culminate in my trying a half marathon in October.  One step (one workout) at a time - I don't look ahead.

Year of beginnings?  Just got involved with a wonderful, amazing NFP.  They help special needs pre-kindergarten kids see how beautiful they are, how much they can do, what they're capable of.  I'm honored to be even slightly associated.  I'm a zero!  (Five-year commitment, and it starts in the fall.)

Year of fun?  Said charity has an annual variety show - they raised about half a million dollars in one night (legally) last year.  So far I've been asked to tap in the opening number.  Thing is, I don't know how to tap dance.  Details.  Anyway, I haven't been involved in a theater production since 1990; no dance (or auditions) since 1989.  Wow.  Sounds like a blast!

Year of changes?  We're hoping to live in a different house by the end of the year, my baby starts college, my work situation is changing slightly (working more - good stuff).

Year of grateful?  There's a lot.  I might be stressed, but I'm not - I'm excited!  I'm a little proud of myself for that one.  Not to mention my gorgeous husband, beautiful son, many blessings.  Mmmm.

Year of open?  I'm finding myself much better at not getting offended, taking suggestions, listening, getting better, coaching.  Being open minded more.  It's good.

Grateful - I like the grateful.

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