Sunday, August 1, 2010

justice, my ass

My sense of justice in the universe is out of whack. A good friend and good man passed away yesterday, a great husband and amazing dad to three kids under 5 years old, not all of which will even remember him. He heard about this in September (see "grateful" entry in Sept 09), and he fought bravely. I will miss Joe.

As much as he'll be missed, though, my heart is absolutely broken for his wife and kids, young enough to be scared and not old enough really to understand. Hell, it seems that I'm not old enough to understand. It's unthinkable.

He passed with his family sitting with him, singing to him. Bless them all. I hope they find peace in how much he knew he was loved by them and his friends, and I hope they feel held by the love that eminated from him. I'm trying to be grateful that he lived to see the birth of his son when they thought he wouldn't, and that his family did get some wonderful time together, including memories on the beach at Hilton Head. What a small consolation, but at least he got to say goodbye and hear all of his friends' goodbyes too. He knew we loved him.

It's still just unthinkable.

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