Monday, August 16, 2010

"Give me a strong-willed child."

Went to orientation for Aidan's new room, and his lead teacher actually said those words. She came to me afterward and said she'd seen me react to them, and I told her, "I've got one for ya." Oh, heavens do I.

In the midst of some tough battles about whether or not Aidan needs to listen to what we say (and not hit us or shriek at us or refuse or simply pretend he can't see us) it's pretty refreshing for someone to wish for what I'm struggling with. She spoke of the wonderful qualities that a strong-willed child brings and what an asset it can be, well-guided. Interesting.

I realize that his future is not solely based upon what I say and do, but I also know that I'm responsible for so much. I want everything for him - he's beautiful, smart, creative, funny, self-assured, bright-eyed. He's so much; Steven and I keep saying that if he doesn't turn out well, it's not his fault. I want him to feel good about himself and what he can do. I want him to be the best him. I need a way for him to understand that he needs to listen for safety's, if no other, sake. I want him to be respectful both of people and of danger of all sorts. How to balance that with his still feeling good about himself and not being fearful, while also being creative, unafraid of throwing out ideas? Therein lies the challenge. I'm really excited to get to know her and get some good ideas from her.

In the meanwhile, his new teacher's got just what she's looking for.

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