Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gems of late

"Aidan, it's our friend Lori's birthday tomorrow." "Lori? She's juicy!" (What do you mean by juicy, Aidan? Juicy like apple juice. She was very happy to hear that she's juicy, though.)

(to the bank teller) "Wow! Look at your package! It's green like the green goblin!" (I believe he meant necktie, as the gentleman's necktie was, in fact, green. I think he's been trying to figure out what a package is, because he also told me on the way home that he hurt his finger on his package, when he meant something in or around his carseat. Things with straps or that tie, maybe?)

(on wearing some of Diego's hand-me-down jammies) "Oh, Golly! It was so, so nice of Diego to give me these racecar jammies!"

"Daddy married Amber. Mommy married Steve. (with gread sadness,) I am not married."

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