Wednesday, October 28, 2009

not even the Green Goblin?

Trick or treat is tomorrow. Someone in our house, not to name names (Aidan) has been looking forward to this for months, talking about it, asking about it. He's insistent that he be the Green Goblin. (I should be the Hobgoblin - good luck with that.)

I can't remember whether I've mentioned his devotion to Spiderman, but it's nearly to the point of my brother's devotion to Star Wars at a tender age (completely unparalleled), and has come on earlier than I expected. His knowledge is daunting - all of Parker's (he calls him Parker usually, like they're pals) girlfriends, all of the villains, of course, and which person they "take" or wrong, everyone's history. I swear he has other activities than watching Spiderman, but there are days you can't tell by talking to him.

Hence, the insistence on the Green Goblin. I'm not sure whether any of you has tried lately to find a size 2T GG costume, but I promise that they don't exist. There's one but it's wrong. It's black with bits of green, and everyone knows that the real GG is green and purple. Check the cartoons. This leads to a wild goose chase in which I, who feels a little strapped for time on a regular basis, to put it kindly, find makings of a GG costume.

Last night, the pumpkins were finished and glowing on the front porch, and it was time to put the costume together. No go, my friends; no go. Shrieking, crying, hiding, and all sorts of avoidance ensued. It was as though I were torturing the child, and all I was trying to do was get a too-big shirt on him to make into the smocky-type thing that goes over the GG's green outfit. He doesn't want to Trick or Treat. He doesn't want to be the GG. He doesn't want candy. He wants to go to bed (that's a first). No GG. NO GG!

I believe Halloween's been cancelled at our house. We'll still pass out candy, and maybe someone will be inspired. I must say that my inspiration to create a costume was dimmed, and should he have a change of heart, there's a mighty fine ready-made dragon costume waiting in the wings for him. I believe that what actually will happen, though, is that I'll sit on the front porch and pass out candy to the vans full of kids who stop by (I live at the very edge of a very nice neighborhood that attracts vans full from surrounding slightly less safe neighborhoods) while a certain someone hides indoors from the scary kids in costume. Not what I pictured, but holidays are flexible, I suppose.

Wish us luck.

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