Thursday, September 25, 2008

Curse words aren't the only versatile ones.

One of Aidan's favorite words, I'm sure for its versatility, is "uh-oh." Something drops, "uh-oh." Stuck? "Uh-oh." Not getting your way? "Uh-oh" works just great.

This morning I was washing my face with a cream cleanser, while Aidan stood on the toilet seat next to me, brushing his teeth and helping me. Of course, I use the term helping loosely, but I digress. I looked up after I lathered up and before rinsing my face to ensure that he was doing okay. When he saw me, all white-sudsy-faced, his eyes got big like saucers, and out came "uh-oh." I laughed so hard I got soap in my mouth.

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