Wednesday, September 3, 2008

and speaking of adorable

When Nora's mom (Nora and Aidan are still pretty inseparable) picked her up the other day, Aidan came over, said "gentle," and handed her the elephant he'd been playing with. It must be true love.

He's getting all sorts of new words. I think I read somewhere that kids "should" have about 6 words by 18 months. Aidan's got way more than six, some of which might be recognizable to people who aren't his mother. "Mine" is the recent addition I may or may not be excited about. In fact, the other day he was trying to use keys on the back door. I reached down to help him, and he grabbed the keys back and yelled "I!" I believe this is code for "Thanks, Mom, but I'd like to try that myself." Other new additions recently are bubbles, cracker, Grandpa, yeah, and shoe.

Over the weekend, I picked up one of his favorite books, and I swear to you (I have a witness even if she is Aidan's grandma) he said, "Where that duck?" Three words in a row, and the name of that book to boot! We're in a stage right now where he'll say things once and then not again, so I'd love to have him say it for you, but I'm guessing he won't do it. He really did, though, honest.

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